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Do you really think you can face reality?

Nothing is real.

Everything is so different from what you think it is. And it’ll be over before you know it.

But you can stop it. Because you can keep it. A little piece of it, anyway. If you act now…

I already know what this is about... To the shop!I need more info first!


The beginning is the end.

And the end is the beginning.

(Copyright notice: This is a claim from the Netflix production DARK.)


Somewhere in Germany, in a small inconspicuous place called Winden, lies the house of the Kahnwald family, one of the main motifs in one of Netflix’s most successful series: DARK.

And I am the owner of this house.

What does it matter? Well, here’s where you find out… Because there are things in this house that are no longer meant to be, not with this burden… which is why I am parting with you… and you can buy them. Hang a piece of real film history in your room, put it in your display case or cover your house with it.

An absolute must for every DARK fan! As a present. As a collector’s item. As a cult on the wall. So do it and get your real piece of fiction!

All real. All original. And above all: just in time for the start of the 3rd session of this incredibly successful Netflix production DARK!

The number of pieces is strictly limited and certified: You will receive an original roof tile from the main motif of the Netflix production DARK: “Haus Kahnwald”, in the film the parents’ house of Jonas. And in reality to be found on the northern outskirts of Berlin, Germany.

As the owner of this house and motif provider I vouch for the authenticity of this strictly limited collector’s item. The roof tiles have been lying on the Kahnwald house for many decades. They show corresponding traces of time. And that’s exactly what they are supposed to… Each tile is absolutely unique. Now the roof tiles are gradually removed from the roof. They are provided with a solidly worked brass piece and then delivered with a hand-beaten consecutive number and corresponding hologram in a certificate of authenticity in a high-quality gift box, wrapped in black tissue paper in a stable shipping box.

You can choose from the following offers:

A real piece of fiction…


There is a time for everything. And nothing is as it seems…

You now have the opportunity to secure a real piece of fiction. How did it come about? You can read about it here…

It all started with a question: “Can I take some pictures?”
But take a look for yourself.

From the beginning – and from the end…

The beginning is the end. And the end is the beginning. If you know the story, you know how it begins. The beginning is the end. The end of the life of Jonas Kahnwald's father. A tilting stool, a cracking noise, a breaking neck - over. This is what happened upstairs...

They want the tiles.

They want the tiles.

One day they were here... First it was one. Then they were three. Now I don't know what to do. They want the tiles. The tiles from Jonas' parents' house. One of the main locations from the Netflix series DARK. Okay. Why not? Take them. Take them all!

Take your real piece of fiction now!

Take your real piece of fiction now!

Take your real piece of fiction now! There is a time for everything. And now it's up to you... because you have the opportunity to secure a piece of fiction. Because one thing is certain: this will not happen again! It is unique! You have to want it. And then you must...

It will happen again…

It will happen again... Because it always happens again. Every 33 years it happens again. 1953. 1986. 2019. There's nothing you can do about it. There's a time for everything. Yesterday. Today. And tomorrow. But you can try to conserve something. A real piece of...